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Completed bingo (vertical line)

Bingo Completed: vertical (column #1)
Prompts: Pulse, Diary, Quiet, Flavor, Fight
Character/Pairing: various
Rating: all worksafe
Author's Note/Disclaimer: I completed my bingo just before the deadline on 30 November, but I didn't have time to post it here then. This is actually my second attempt to post it here; I hope it works this time around. Below are my bingo card and links to all my prompt fills.

ETA: Yay, it worked. I only couldn't add the prompt tags.

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Amnesty begins!

Round 1 of Buffyverse Bingo is officially over! However, you still have opportunities to post fills for your bingo cards before the next round starts.

Today marks the beginning of Amnesty Month for Round 1. Throughout the month of December, you can post fanwork for your bingo card whether or not you finished your bingo line. You may also post additional fanworks you've created outside of filling your line. Anything goes!

Have fun!

BVts OMWF open credits

Bingo: Vertical Line

Title/Creation: 3 banners, 1 fic banner, 15 mood themes
Bingo Completed: vertical
Prompts: Bleed it Out, Lose Control, Scars, Plan of Action, Cleanse
Character/Pairing: Assorted Characters from AtS and BtVS, Spuffy,
Rating: G

This way to my artwork journal and my bingo line.
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Round 1: Sign-ups

Welcome to the very first round of Buffyverse Bingo!

To play, leave a comment on this post to receive a bingo card and its code to post to your journal.

Please read the rules and the FAQ before you sign up.

If you would rather create your own card, you may do so.
  1. Go to the prompts post and copy the list. You will need commas separating each prompt.
  2. Go to the bingo card generator and paste the list into the designated box (it's the first one on the page).
  3. Choose 5x5 card and the FREE SPACE options.
  4. Create your bingo card!
  5. This community is run on the honor system. The expectation is that you will copy and paste ALL the prompts on this list. We ask that you please DO NOT attempt to rig your card by cherry picking the prompts that you would like to fill. Well...That's no fun. :)

Self-generated cards must still be posted as a comment to this post in order to officially participate.

You can sign up here or at Dreamwidth. Do NOT sign up at both as they are mirror communities.

Most importantly, have fun!
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Prompt List

Here are your word prompts for Buffyverse Bingo. Twenty-four words will be randomly placed on a bingo card via the bingo card generator. This list is for your reference to give you an idea of what words might appear on your bingo card. As always, the prompts are open to your interpretation and can be used as a starting point for your fanwork.

Please Note: If you end up with a particular character you hate or an episode of Angel and you've never watched the show, you have veto power to exclude it off your card.

Example: You get Riley on your card, you can tell the mods that you'd like to veto Riley and will replace that prompt with something different.

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Posting Guidelines

1. All fanworks must be newly created for this challenge. While we have no way of knowing if you’ve posted your work before, this community runs on the honor policy.

2. Please use appropriate rating methods.

3. Please remember to tag your posts appropriately. Necessary tags are round #, what type of bingo you got, and "completed bingo." We highly recommend tagging which prompts you used to create your bingo. It lets creators see how others interpreted the prompt, as well as allows consumers find all the fanworks for prompts that appeal to them.

4. All bingo creations should be posted to ONE post directly to the community OR with the links to your completed works.

5. Use this template to post:

Title/Creation: (Fic title or fanwork, e.g. Spuffy Banner).
Bingo Completed: (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, blackout)
Word Count: (Minimum of 500 words)
Author's Note/Disclaimer:

Modify this template as needed.