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Posting Guidelines

1. All fanworks must be newly created for this challenge. While we have no way of knowing if you’ve posted your work before, this community runs on the honor policy.

2. Please use appropriate rating methods.

3. Please remember to tag your posts appropriately. Necessary tags are round #, what type of bingo you got, and "completed bingo." We highly recommend tagging which prompts you used to create your bingo. It lets creators see how others interpreted the prompt, as well as allows consumers find all the fanworks for prompts that appeal to them.

4. All bingo creations should be posted to ONE post directly to the community OR with the links to your completed works.

5. Use this template to post:

Title/Creation: (Fic title or fanwork, e.g. Spuffy Banner).
Bingo Completed: (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, blackout)
Word Count: (Minimum of 500 words)
Author's Note/Disclaimer:

Modify this template as needed.
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