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Do you have any questions about the community or how to play this bingo challenge? Please find some frequently asked questions below. If you don't see the answer to your question, drop a line and your admins will be happy to answer your questions.

1. How do sign-ups and posting work?
Buffyverse Bingo will run two times per year. Sign-up begins and ends on specific dates. Posting and amnesty dates for bingo will be announced by your mods. Additionally, you can post on LJ or on the mirror site on Dreamwidth.

2. How do I win Buffyverse Bingo?
You can win Buffyverse Bingo several different ways:
  • Filling a line horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.
  • You can also further challenge yourself and blackout your card for a “Bingo Blackout.”

3. What is a Bingo Blackout?
A bingo blackout is when you fill every square on your card. This is totally optional and you do not have to do this to win bingo.

4. What if I miss the posting days?
If you miss the posting days for the bingo challenge, you can always post what you have completed on the amnesty days. Amnesty days are free-for-all days where you can post fanwork for your bingo card even if you finished your bingo line. You may also post additional fanworks you've created outside of filling your line.

5. How many cards am I allowed to request at once?
You are allowed to request one bingo card at a time. However, you can continue to use the prompts on your card for amnesty days or for your own personal use on your journal.

6. What are the minimum requirements for my chosen fanwork?
  • Banner/wallpaper: 1 (must be 350 pixels either height or width)
  • Fanfic: 500 words
  • Fan Mix/Soundtrack: 1 fanmix (cover art with minimum 5 songs)
  • Gifs: 4
  • Headers: 1
  • Icons: 10
  • Manip: 1 (500x500 pixels in size minimum)
  • Meta: 1000 words
  • Mood theme: 10 moods
  • Original art (digital or hand drawn): 1
  • Podfic: 500 word fic
  • Poems: 10 lines
  • Videos: 30 seconds

7. What happens when I get a bingo?
You win the game! Once you complete your bingo card (by getting a vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or blackout), post your complete bingo fanworks in ONE post with the appropriate tags.

8. Do I win anything?
Once you complete your bingo line for a win, you will receive a nifty banner you can display on your journal, letting everyone know you completed bingo! There will also be additional banners for those who completed their card first!

9. I want to write fic for my card. What kind of fic is accepted?
Canon characters from the BtVS and Angel television series and comics (Dark Horse and Boom!). You may also include original characters as long as the characters from the Buffyverse are the focal point. At this time, we are limiting fics and other fanworks to include only Buffyverse characters. No crossovers with other fandoms are allowed. No RPF.

10. How are bingo cards distributed?
Go to the sign-up post and request a card. One will be created at random from the prompt list, and a moderator will post it as a reply to your sign-up.

11. What kind of account do I need to play?
To play Buffyverse Bingo, you will need a LiveJournal account OR a Dreamwidth account.

12. What are acceptable ratings for my fanwork?
All ratings from G to NC-17 are accepted.

13. Can I use fanwork that I have created for a previous challenge?
All fanworks for Buffyverse Bingo must be created for this challenge. If you are writing a fic that is a work in progress (WIP), you can submit NEW chapters that have not been previously posted on any other site.

14. Can I crosspost to other communities?
Sure! Additionally, you may combine other prompt challenges from other communities as well. However, please keep in mind that posting guidelines vary from community to community.

15. Can I change my bingo line at any time?
You can, but you will only get credit for one bingo line. So, if you originally went for a horizontal bingo and want to go diagonal you can switch it up. Any fanwork you created for the other line may not count, but you can post those on the amnesty day if you like.

16. Can I fill my prompts with different media types?
Yes! For example, you can use one bingo square to write a fic, another for a poem, and another for a banner.

17. Can I choose any prompt I want for the Free Space square, or should it be a prompt from my card?
The Free Space is a creator's choice spot. You can use any prompt you like. It does not have to come from the card. You can use other prompts from other communities or make up a prompt of your own.

18. Are the bingo cards only for Buffyverse? What about other Joss Whedon creations?
This community is only for BtVS and Angel fanworks. While we love Dollhouse, Serenity/Firefly, and other Whedon creations, those will not be accepted for bingo.

19. Is there an AO3 collection where I can crosspost?
Yes! Please find it HERE

20. What are Exclusions and how do they work?
This round we have included episodic prompts as well as characters from BtVS and AtS. We understand that some people may be unfamiliar with episodes and characters from either show. Therefore you can ask to have certain characters and episodes excluded from your card.

Ex: If you hate Riley Finn, you may ask to have excluded. Or if you've never seen an episode of Angel, you may ask to have all Angel episodes and/or characters excluded from your card.

21. Do the episode prompts mean it has to be connected to that specific episode, or can it be something loosely inspired by the title or plot etc.?

You can interpret the episode prompts any way you like. So if you want to base it loosely on the episode etc. It is up to you.

22. Information about updates and changes to the game will be posted on the main page.

The admins reserves the right to make updates and changes at any time.
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