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Bingo Amnesty

Sadly, I didn't manage to make a bingo in time before December. But I have finished a row now, and happily make use of the Amnesty Month. So here ls my card; I filled the middle row (all with seasonal_spuffy entries).

Tears Be still my beating heart Forget BtVS 4x02: Living Conditions Prostitution
Balcony Fly Flesh and bone Save the Last Dance for Me AtS 5x08: Destiny
Andrew Badass FREE SPACE Chiaroscuro Surrender
Holding Hands Heart of Glass Danger BtVS 5x08: Shadow Deal with the Devil
Faith Decay Agony Making Love Blush


Andrew: the theme of the last round of Seasonal Spuffy was '"fairytales", and no-one is a better storyteller than Andrew. In this wallpaper, he is re-telling the story of Sleeping Beauty, with Spike cast in the role of the sleeper who is awakened by a kiss from Buffy.

Badass: this is a set of gifs from Fool for Love, showing Buffy and Spike being badass (though not always for very long, in Spike's case).

Free space: I filled this with another prompt, proposed for Seasonal Spuffy by justwriter2, who wanted shirtless woodcutter Spike. This is a wallpaper and two banners.

Chiaroscuro: this prompt inspired the first of three banners I submitted for the banner poll on Seasonal Spuffy, in which I played with some dark and light contrasts.

Surrender: finally, another gif set, with Spike surrendering to Buffy in various not-so-different ways.

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