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Completed bingo (vertical line)

Bingo Completed: vertical (column #1)
Prompts: Pulse, Diary, Quiet, Flavor, Fight
Character/Pairing: various
Rating: all worksafe
Author's Note/Disclaimer: I completed my bingo just before the deadline on 30 November, but I didn't have time to post it here then. This is actually my second attempt to post it here; I hope it works this time around. Below are my bingo card and links to all my prompt fills.

ETA: Yay, it worked. I only couldn't add the prompt tags.

Pulse Language Tattoo Venerable Summon
Diary Sharp Alliance The rain is full of ghosts tonight Couple
Quiet Morning Delight FREE SPACE Decadence Dinner
Flavor Chipped Paint Calvary Bruise Dance
Fight Bittersweet Secret Imported Smoke

Pulse: a set of gifs of the scene in Something Blue when Buffy is taunting Spike with her neck while he's chained in Giles' bathtub: "Look at my poor neck. All bare and tender and exposed..." and "All that blood just... pumping away..." Posted at Seasonal Spuffy.

Diary: a wallpaper featuring Wesley and Giles going through the Watchers' Diaries. Originally posted at Buffyforums for the blending challenge over there.

Quiet: a wallpaper based on the scene in Help (s7) when Spike asks Buffy, "Please help me be quiet". Posted at Seasonal Spuffy.

Flavor: a short animated video where a Miffy version of Buffy and Spike go out to have ice cream. However, the flavour isn't quite right... Posted at Seasonal Spuffy.

Fight: a vid for the final episode of AtS, "Not Fade Away" where the Angel team sets out to fight the Circle of the Black Thorn.
Tags: bingo: vertical, completed bingo, round 1

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